Nota, Inc. will change its name to Helpfeel Inc. on October 1, 2022.

We develop and operate three web services: Helpfeel (enterprise search), Scrapbox (team ideation tool), and Gyazo (media capture tool). Although they have different features, they all share the same focus on sharing and utilizing knowledge and we believe that their impact can be enhanced further.

In the future, we plan to integrate these three into a knowledge technology platform, with the aim of realizing a world where knowledge is immediately available. Therefore, we have taken the name Helpfeel from our core service to also use as our new company name. At the same time, we have renewed our vision, values, and identity.

Nota, Inc. becomes Helpfeel Inc.


People's curiosity is limitless, and so are the possibilities of technology. Helpfeel accelerates human thought and communication by designing a smooth and reliable relationship between people and technology.

Human Empowerment
Expanding human potential through the invention of technology.


Helpfeel is a group of independent people who like to work with purpose, think and act on their own initiative, and be individually responsible for achieving the mission of the organization.
Create the future
By thinking ambitiously, positively, and without prejudice to experience, we work to create and deliver unique new value to our customers.
Be open
Helpfeel members earn trust both internally and externally by being open about our ideas, always listening to new facts and opinions, and maintaining a willingness to modify and update the status quo.

Brand materials

The orange on the left represents people and the blue on the right represents technology. This logo represents how Helpfeel exists in a natural way at the point where people and technology meet, and how infinite possibilities ( light ) can be created by bringing the two together.

To ensure that Helpfeel is a valuable company for all, keywords such as "universality," "joy," and "futuristic intelligence" were incorporated into the overall atmosphere of the design.


We are hiring

Helpfeel needs new staff due to the rapid growth of our services!
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